This role sets a fun tone for the meeting. One of the most powerful tools that a speaker has is the use of humour. Laughing is healthy, gets the energy flowing and helps people to be more open to the speaker’s message.


  • Prepare a joke to deliver when you are called on during the meeting. 
  • Prepare to briefly explain why we have this role (setting a fun tone for the meeting)
  • Time yourself to make sure it is 1 minute or less. 
  • Avoid the same topic areas that you would avoid for a speech. 
  • Since it is only 2 minutes, this is a good opportunity to memorize the joke, so you can concentrate on delivery and timing, critical components to maximize the effect of your humour. Remember to use pauses and pacing effectively. 
  • Test your joke out on a friend or family member before doing it in the meeting.


When called upon by the Toastmaster, explain the role and deliver your joke. You have 1 minute. 

Pause after the punch line to support, enhance, and receive any laughter the joke may have generated before sitting down.


Fellow Toastmasters and most welcomed guests. 

My name is __________ and my role as a Jokemaster is to deliver a joke or a houmorous message and set a fun tone for this meeting.

My joke for this evening is: