You want to join us?

Smart move! Becoming a member is a great way to achieve your personal and professional goals, whilst having fun at the same time. By participating in the club and following the education programme you will gain the opportunity to develop:

  • your ability to speak to groups of people
  • your leadership skills
  • your confidence to cope with any situation
  • greater clarity in thinking
  • your creativity and writing ability

You will also be meeting up with interesting and like-minded people seeking personal growth.

Subscription fees

We are a non-profit educational organisation, run by volunteers, so membership subscriptions are just £60 per six months (Oct-Mar and Apr –Sept) and pro rata if joining part way through the 6-month period.

You can pay online or at a bank or building society, or at one of our meetings by cash or cheque.  Please contact us for more information.

Want to learn more?

Visit us for free at one of our friendly club meetings