The club is run entirely by the members (speeches, evaluations, roles). The club members have now voted on our new committee.
There is actually a whole lot of work to do to keep the club organised. So what exactly are the committee members doing?  Lets explore….
President – Rebecca Wigmore
CEO of the club, involving supervision and operation of the club. The President presides at Club meetings and directs the club in meeting the members’ needs for educational growth and leadership. In co-operation with the rest of the officers, the President establishes long-term and short-term goals for the club and a vision.
Past presidents of our club have been Paul Bayliss, Nina Morozava, John Allsop, Steve Campion, Liz Burnett and Kevin Baggs, all  of them still active EHS/TM members.VP, Education (VPE) – Anna Xiao & Andy Cowan share this role 
The VPE plans, organises, and implements the meetings to fit the chosen speeches (in Easy Speak), educational modules (Pathways), and related events to the members’ needs. The VPE also ensures recognition when members complete a speech or an achievement.

VP, Membership (VPM) – Nina  Prager
The VPM plans, organises, and implements a continuous marketing effort to ensure that club membership remains above charter strength (which is 20 members). The VPM works with VPE on retaining current members and with the VPPR to gather new members.

VP, Public Relations (VPPR) – Nicky Fawehinmi
The VPPR handles maintaining and building the club’s image. The VPPR plans, organises, and implements programs to maintain the positive image of the club and Toastmasters for all guests, members, and the general public. This includes website maintenance, (social) media and club newsletters and spending a lot of time shouting out how amazing we are!

Secretary – Peter Lane
The Secretary is responsible for Club records and correspondence. The role involves all administrative details between the club and Toastmasters, and keeping the club’s documents available and up-to-date. Updated membership records, new member applications, supply orders, officers’ lists, and past club records fall to the Secretary for execution.
It has to be said that John is currently also president of Cornerstone Toastmasters Club. He is doing a fabulous job in all roles!

Treasurer – Mark Richardson
The Treasurer is responsible for Club financial policies, procedures and controls. The role involves the club’s finances, including dues collection and materials purchasing. Collects dues and pays dues to Toastmasters International, and maintains records. All club accounts come through this office.

Sergeant at Arms (SAA) – Derek Deheer-Graham

The Sergeant at Arms handles meeting facilities and decorum. The role involves all those tasks expected of the host of the meeting.The SAA arranges setup for all meetings, sets out and cares for the club’s materials and supplies, Club property, including banner, nametags, and supplies, and greets members and especially guests.

But – most importantly – there are our club members, who fill the club with life, give each meeting role their own twist, deliver great speeches and help others to succeed by evaluating them and cheering them on.
And join for a chat after the meeting. In real life even the odd drink.