“Showmaster” Peter Lane led us through the meeting, the second to last of this Toastmasters year, which runs from July to June.We were joined by our area director Bradley Peters, and out guests  Patricia Radley and Ralitsa.In his Icebreaker Growing Pains John Allsop  shared with us a bit of his life and background by opening up about his regrets. He found school challenging, so instead of studying he spent his time going out with his mates. Not having much choice after rather disappointing grades he started his carreer in engineering with  a job as crafts apprentice, building machines. After several years he managed to get a job reporting to the sales manager. Sadly he lost touch with his friends from the workshop.
During a stay in America he turned down a great work opportunity out of fear of missing home too much.
After now 25 years of marriage, 2 daughters, 2 grandsons and a career he knows that mistakes are growing pains of wisdom. Listen to John and  put the time into your studies, build out and invest in your friendships and seize opportunities when they come your way.Nina Morozova’s speech reflects back on 31 months of learning. It was the last speech of her Pathways Persuasive Influence. She started out in November 2018; over 50 speeches and countless projects later, this speech marked the Finale.
She taught us a lot about Pathways (Toastmasters’ Learning Programme) – in form of a Kahoot! quiz. An interactive quiz that could only be won by knowledge and fast reaction. We learned that there are 11 Pathways which each contain 5 levels and that there are over 60 projects to choose of. It is available online, tailored to the individuals’ needs, is a learning experience for today’s world and allows for frequent feedback.
In this journey, her  top 3 favourite events were: Our zoom Christmas meeting, the Backwards meeting – both planned and executed by Nina  –  and  the Leadership style project, from which she still benefits in her work.

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Nicky Fawehinmi led us through a thoughtprovoking table topics session.  Kartik Daswani, Anna Xiao, Kevin Baggs, Adeel Ahmed and Emma Painter answered  in inspirational mini speeches.

What would your answer be to her questions?

  • What does happiness mean to you?
  • What is the most thrilling adventure you have been on?
  • What excites you about life?
  • What profession would you consider the most inspirational?
  • What simple fact of life would you like everyone to understand?
Our best evaluator was  Andy Cowan!
Kartik Daswani  won best table topics!Well done everybody!

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