Do you have a Toastmaster voice? In our last meeting we learned that some members apparently have a voice they only use in Toastmasters.  How might they sound outside Toastmasters?

We had a totally regular meeting this time. Forwards and no theme with our guests Peter and Kate.  

Stuart L. opened the meeting with 2 short quotes from Winston Churchill and John Lennon, see below.

Kartik’s speech Answering the uncomfortable question had us think about death. What  would be our eulogy? Our legacy? How will we be remembered? Will we share the fate of many people and regret not having had enough time? It’s not too late! Thinking about outcome and process  we can still correct our course and make time for what matters. We want to be remembered for something we were passionate about. He included a time management lesson from Arnie and closed the speech with a powerful appeal: find your passion and make time for it.

Nina M‘s  speech It takes real planning to organise this type of chaos was the exclusive Behind the scenes to our Backwards Meeting. To succeed in this Pathways project she had to form a team, which consisted of Rebecca and Nina P and there were a few meetings to plan every step of the meeting and the marketing. All roles were talked through and who would be best suited to fulfilling them, and  who is the target audience for PR. As a last step Derek  the toastmaster of that night was invited. He was initially  a bit scared of the role but with the planning in mind turned out to be a funny and quick-witted host of the evening. Nina’s vision of a unique and fun way to hold a meeting came true!

We heard no third speech, instead Rebecca and Mark explained to us what  their roles in the committee  are and what they enjoy about them

Rebecca is the Vice President of Education. In this role she creates the meeting schedule for speakers, evaluators and other roles, signs off on members’ award applications and speeches and is the speech contest coordinator. She loves most that this role connected her better with all members and the club as a whole.

Mark is the club’s Treasurer. In the role he keeps accurate records of all financial transactions  and collects the semiannual membership fees. He  enjoys that this role is a less active job and a great first committee role.

Anna was the host of a very entertaining table topics session. She chose 7 questions out of the 36 question to fall in love catalogue ( link below), and we absolutely fell in love with Rebecca, Caroline, Peter, Paul, Nina P, John and Kate’s answers.

General evaluator Mark capped off the meeting by assigning every participant to a seat on James Bond’s Russian train  – from the driver, Paul, to the bartenders in the back… What an entertaining way to end the meeting.

Our winners of the night were plentiful!
Best evaluators were Liz, Andy and Nicky – yes, a 3 way tie!
Best table topics speakers were Rebecca, Peter and John  – yes, ANOTHER 3 way tie.

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