Over 30 attendees for our voice workshop meeting! Wow! We were happy to see a few faces from our neighbours Stevenage Speakers, had John Kendall with us and welcomed quite a few Toastmaster newbies.

We had Stuart L joining as quotemaster, he recited a beautiful Shakespeare quote for us.

Paul opened the meeting with a lot of good news and introduced our special guest JimmyLiz led us through the evening as toastmaster of the evening.

We heard a speech from Nina M for her Pathways Level 4  project “Leading in difficult situations”. Nina first shared a few memories from our wonderful East Herts Speakers Christmas dinners and then shared a great plan for a East Herts Speakers Christmas meeting. She thought of everything, and the proposed plan included humour, table topics and even a quiz!
She then was tasked to come up with resolutions for disruptions, such as who could possibly replace Kevin and what will we do if Liz was grumpy instead of festive? She  found great solutions for every of the 7 disruptions and mastered the session confidently.
And the best thing about it? We will have this fantastic night!

Table topics master Stephen had us all think of our worst and best boss. Mandy, Nina P, Alan and Kevin shared their thoughts on this. Kevin even taking the time to demonstrate that he paid attention in the voice training.

John was our General Evaluator and shook things up a little by asking the audience for their thoughts as well. Nice twist to the usual routine!

Because of the different meeting layout and only one speech we didn’t do our usual voting, We’re all winners!!

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