Meeting 03 November 2020

A compliment on our pre-Lockdown meeting!

On Tuesday the EHS family was  joined by Grant from Scotland, Katerina, Ruslan and Martin.

Some of the technical role holders gave their roles a bit of a twist.
Timekeeper John read a lovely little poem on time.
Our Grammarian Peter chose not one but 2 words of the day. Almost a play on words! Compliment and Complement

Our speeches were opened by Kartik’s Icebreaker Who am I?  What a debut! Completely calm he solved a technical issue right at the start and carried on confidently. We learned that in 2000 he came to the UK from India, that he spend his career in banking and management consulting and after his mid life crises is now breaking into fintech.  He joined Toastmasters to progress in  his communication skills  and also join a social bunch. He finished his speech with a toast. A ToastMASTER in the making!

Kevin follows through on his announcement of a series and delivered Don’t be led up the garden path Part 2: The Holocaust. A lot less lighthearted he asked us if we would kill on order. Of course we would not!! Or would we? He talked about the Holocaust and the massacre of Babi Yar in 1941. The  Milgram experiment proved scientifically that over 65% (opposed to assumed 1.2%) of  participants would go on to administer (painful and even deadly) electric shocks when asked by a white coat. It is a good reminder to question and challenge what we are asked by authorities. 

Nina M – she is on fire – proved that’s she can deal with difficult audience all while delivering a great speech.  In Where did the time go? she explores the phenomenon many can relate to that time seems to speed up the older we get.  She included some personal brilliant reenacted stories of her childhood.  Meanwhile Nina P, Peter, Nicky and Paul did their best to disrupt her speech. Nina M handled each distraction calm, confident and continues unfazed. We can all learn from that, especially in combination with Rebeccas evaluation, she suggested not to ask open ended questions to the disruptor, which could lead to further unwanted discussion. Well done, both!!

Nina M‘s tips of the day to slow down time:

  1. Take a moment out of your day and reflect on it as vividly as possible
  2. Learn new skills
  3. Change up your routines frequently

Nicky prepared a spooky Halloween table topics session and asked Ruslan, Derek, Grant, Kartik, Caroline and Margaryta questions about scary events and mysteries.  Conclusion: Paul would make an excellent real estate agent, and socks and money go missing in other parts of the world as well. But let’s be honest, life it too short for matching socks! 

Our winners of the evening are:  Best speaker: A 3 way tie! Fraud! Let’s recount. But only some of the votes. (similarities to current events are purely coincidental).  Best evaluator was John evaluating table topics (he did this last minute with literally no notice, which is a superpower!) and best table topics goes to Caroline’s bungee jump.

Well done everyone, fantastic meeting!

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