We had an amazing open evening yesterday with many guests at East Herts Speakers. We welcomed a new member in our club, Chris who is already planning to deliver his Icebreaker on the next meeting!

The open evening agenda was full of lovely speeches, great evaluations and amusing table topics.

Paul delivered thought-provoking speech on data. He shared wonderful examples that helped us to understand how to analyse data and what is behind the numbers. Paul was confident, had strong opening and excellent slides.

Steve in his speech shared a personal story that made him to join Toastmasters. Steve took us through 12 steps that helped him to become an incredible speaker. The delivery was full of enthusiasm, vocal variety and humour.

Our last speaker Liz inspired us to go back to basics, describing the fundamentals of a brilliant speech. Liz kept us all engaged with beautiful examples and analogies. The delivery and body language throughout the speech were exceptional.

Mark delivered fantastic Table Topics session with a theme “Wimbledon”. The questions were simple but very interesting and eight fabulous contestants took part.

All the evaluations were helpful and encouraging from John, Donia, Rebecca and Kevin. Stephen did a great job keeping time and our Toastmaster of the evening Tamara as always was the joy of the evening.

What a fun meeting, I cannot wait for the next one on 2nd of July!

Please click here for details of our next club meeting

Nina Morozova

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