Yesterday we started our New Toastmasters Year and we had a lovely start! We welcomed a new member Maria Leopold who re-joined East Herts Speakers and we had five guests with us Paula, Tom, Derek, Kim and Fiona.

Our Jokemaster, Steve opened the meeting with lots of humour and we’ve learned that there are 2 types of people, people that finish their punch lines…. We continued with 3 excellent speeches.

Chris B. delivered his first speech – the Icebreaker. Chris introduced himself to the club, spoke about his hobbies and professional life. The speech was delivered with confidence and humour.

Mariela for her project was repeating her last speech “Changing the way we think”. The speech was thought provoking, educational and entertaining. Mariela had very strong stage presence and excellent eye contact.

Our last speaker Chris H. same as Mariela repeated his last speech about travelling.  Chris was extremely energetic, enthusiastic and engaging with the audience. He inspired us all to do more travelling in our lives.

Anna delivered an exceptional Table Topics session with a theme “Stranded on an island”. The questions were very interesting and five contestants took part Adrian, Kim, Kevin, Derek and Fiona. Adrian counted our Ahs and ums, Maria our Grammarian encouraged everyone to use the word of the day “procrastinate” meaning delay or postpone action.

All the evaluations were helpful and encouraging from Paul, Steve, Rebecca and John. Kevin did a great job keeping time and our Toastmaster of the evening Donia was very impressive as always. Tamara our general evaluator shared her thoughts and helpful recommendations that will help us do even better next time.

Our best speaker award went to Mariela, our best evaluator was Steve and our best table topics speaker was Fiona!

Last night we all practised our speaking skills and we all had fun.  I cannot wait for the next meeting on 16th of July!

Please click here for details of our next club meeting


Nina Morozova

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